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Quiet Baffles
Quiet Baffles
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Quiet Baffles
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Quiet baffles
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1 Hard Kore Quiet Baffle, 1 Drill Bit,  
1 Allen Key, 2 Allen Screws.

Use Loctite on all screws.
Use WD40 on both ends of original 
baffle to ease reinstallation.

1.  Remove original baffle with allen key provided.
2.  Unwrap packing material from head of original baffle.
3.  Insert Smartpartz Hard Kore Quiet Baffle into opening of original baffle as far as possible.  Center punch louver so that the 7/16” hole you drill will line up with the center of the hole in the Smartpartz Hard Kore Quiet Baffle threaded tab.  Remove Smartpartz Hard Kore Quiet Baffle and drill hole through the louver. Attach Smartpartz Hard Kore Quiet Baffle with the allen screw supplied and mark other side.  Remove Smartpartz Hard Kore Quiet Baffle and drill hole in opposite side of original baffle.
4.  Insert Smartpartz Hard Kore Quiet Baffle and ensure it is squarely mounted inside original baffle and attach with allen screws supplied.  
5.  Replace packing material and reinsert assembly into exhaust pipe. 
6.  Reinstall screws securing baffle.

1.  Sometimes the original baffle can be removed by pulling it from the pipe.  Other times the heat shields must be removed and the rear section of the pipe removed.  With the rear section of the pipe removed, turn pipe on its end on a pillow or pile of rags, and insert rod (a broom handle does nicely) and tap baffle until it falls out.  Take care not to deform the baffle end in any way as this will make reinstallation more difficult than necessary.  When reinstalling baffle, reinstall gently until the baffle is centered over the exhaust pipe and slips into place.  
2.  As with all motor modifications, some rejetting may be required.  The baffles may create a slightly rich condition in some circumstances.  

Quiet Baffles
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SPZCBPRO :  MSRP $49.95 (plus shipping & handling, tax if applicable)

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