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Quiet Baffles
Quiet Baffles
Quiet Baffles
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Quiet Baffles
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Quiet baffles
Quiet Baffles
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Quiet baffles available for immediate delivery.
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MSRP $69.95 per pair (plus shipping & handling, tax if applicable)
Vance & Hines Big Radius with Power Chamber
(Where outside diameter of exhaust [not heat shield] is 2.5".  
*Not for V&H Big Radius where exhaust o.d. = 2.125".)


2 Hard Kore Quiet Baffles, 
1 Allen Key, 2 Allen Screws.

Use Loctite on all screws.
Use WD40 on end of original baffle to ease reinstallation.

1.  Remove the heat shield and original baffle with allen key provided.
2.  Drill 5/16” hole in original baffle 7/16" from the end, close to the original hole in the original baffle.**
3.  Insert Smartpartz Hard Kore Quiet Baffle into original baffle so that the Hard Kore Baffle is hard up against the end of the original baffle and the Smartpartz Hard Kore Baffle threaded tab is centered in the hole you drilled.
4.  Reinsert original baffle with Hard Kore Baffle into exhaust pipe.  Align hole.  Reinsert allen screw from original baffle through the exhaust pipe, through the hole you drilled and into the Smartpartz Hard Kore Quiet Baffle, and tighten.
5.  Reinstall the heatshield.
** If you have trouble rotating the original baffle the small amount required because it is too tight, there are 2 alternative installation options:
(Alternative 1 Install) Remove the threaded tab from the original baffle with a dremel tool or sharp chisel (this tab will normally knock off pretty easily) - see pic below.  Then you can use the hole from the original baffle to attach our baffle.  Should you decide that you wanted to remove our baffles, you would just need to get a ¼ 20 nut from any hardware store and secure the original baffle with the original screw and the nut.
(Alternative 2 Install) Remove heatshield and drill hole through the inner exhaust and the original baffle next to the threaded tab in the original baffle and secure our baffle.  Once heat shield is replaced you will not see the screw.

Hard Kore Quiet Baffles
for V&H Big Radius with Power Chamber
* TM
Baffle tab
Exhaust pipe
5/16" Hole You Drilled
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Baffle tab
Pic shows Vance & Hines Big Radius exhaust with heat shields removed.
Installed baffles before heat shield attached.
Installation complete.
Original Hole
Baffle tab
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Alternative 1 Install - removing threaded tab.
Pic shows original baffle slid out of exhaust.  The Smartpartz baffle is butted against the original baffle ready to slide right back up into exhaust before attaching with original screw.
NOTE : The baffles may create a slightly rich condition in some circumstances.  As with all motor modifications, some rejetting may be required.   
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