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"I got my baffles today, that is one helluva quick service!  These baffles tone the pipes down to an acceptable level but still let you frighten car drivers and old people when you give it some :-).    No more creeping past the local "Fed's", that has got to be worth the £'s by itself. Thanks again for a reasonably priced, quality product and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody.
Regards from across the pond."
-- Chris - Lancashire, England. 
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"I couldn't believe the difference in sound.  It took that hard rifle percussion sound out and made it much more comfortable for myself and also my brother, who used to ride 1/4 mile behind me because he got it worse than I did.  We can now ride together and actually use the Ipods and Radios.
     Thank you again for getting them out to me so quickly.  We took the bikes out for two days and went to Southern California and saw the Salton Sea, the sand dunes, and the Army Depot, clocking almost 700 miles.  
     My bike still has that deep sound, just without the percussion.    Feel free to use my experience, these little things really made a difference!  Thanks again!"
--Wayne -- Glendale, AZ.
"First off let me start by telling you how wonderful my experience was in dealing with your company and product.  I placed an order early Wednesday morning last week and was installing my Hard Kore baffles when I got home from work Friday afternoon.  Great service!  The lady who took my order was very pleasant and
helpful as well.  I purchased the set for my 2004
Roadstar Silverado with Hard Krome 3" Big Straights.  The sound is awesome and made my bike much more pleasant to ride!  Installation was a snap.  Thanks."
--Toby -- Colorado Springs, CO.
"I sent email last Tuesday after my Honda Shadow fail inspection with Hard Krome Kickers.  Within an hour Smartpartz called me and offered to send me the baffles for the 2.5 inch pipes.  They arrived a few days later and couldn't have been easier to install.  The sound is much better now and I passed inspection.  Thanks for the great service!"
-- Scott -- Newark, Delaware.
"I just wanted to drop you a quick note on behalf of my neighbours and my wife.  They wanted to say thank you.  My wife rides with me and usually follows so every time I throttle up she takes the brunt of it.  She was immediately impressed.  Bill down the street is much happier. I got your baffles last week and installed them in about twenty minutes on my VTX1300 with 3" DD's.  The installation was slick and I needed an extra hand to hold a flashlight and that was it, the factory end caps slip right back on.  The bike
went from a bark to a nice rumble.  It still speaks to you when you punch it but a nice throaty sound.  No more popping on deceleration.
It even has a nice look when you see the baffles installed in the pipes from behind.  Thanks again."
-- Steve -- Ontario, Canada.
"Just a quick note to express my appreciation for your product.  I noticed an immediate reduction in the sharp tinny bark that the HK's produce, and a complete elimination of the Pfft Pfft sound on decel...   I measured the sound levels with a hand held db meter before and after installation.
Measured @ 1200 rpm on a  2005 Yamaha Roadstar Silverado with HK 3" Big Straights and stock carburetor.  Before: Loudest reading at 10 feet away was  89 db.   Loudest reading at 20 feet away was 84 db.  After: Loudest reading at 10 feet away was 79 db.  Loudest reading at 20 feet away was 71 db.  Average total reduction   11.5 db !!!  and a much nicer, richer sound.  I have put about 2000km on since the installation 
and have not noticed any performance issues.  I would be happy to recommend your product to anyone."
-- Chris -- Vancouver BC, Canada.
"I wanted to say Thank You for your wonderful product and your excellent customer service.  To make a long story short, I bought a set of HD 3" Big straights for my 2007 Vulcan 2000 Classic Lt.  They were beautiful ... but sounded so loud my bike no longer sounded like a motorcycle.  You were my last hope!  I reinstalled the pipes with your Hard Kore baffles, and it was like a different set of pipes.  The sound is great, the performance is great, and I would recommend your product to anyone who wants a raw primal sound without annoying the community around you!  Thanks Smartpartz, you're brilliant!!!
-- David -- Fairhope, AL.
"Your product works perfectly.  I put them in my 3in Hard Kromes that I have on my 01 Intruder and now I get the quieter, low toned rumble I was looking for.  And performance was unchanged.   Installation was super easy and idiot proof.  Thanks again for a great product.  I HIGHLY recommend it."
-- Norm -- Mokena, IL.
"I'm sold.  Awesome product.  I'm going to tell anyone who will listen how good they are.  Road 100 miles on Sunday and it was a much more pleasurable ride.  Thanks again."
-- Larry - Anaheim Hills, CA.  
" I just want to say thank you they worked out great, the guys in the club thank you, they say their ears are not bleeding now from the loud pipes."
-- BigD - Las Vegas, NV.
"I am really pleased with the baffles I put in my 3 inchers. I can hear my mp3 player now much easier."
-- Jax - Kingston, TN.
"Wanted to let you all know that these baffles have quieted the 2007 Yamaha V-Star 650 down to the point where I have pulled it from the for sale listing.  Before, the Hard Krome exhaust was so loud we were at the point of going to ear plugs, now it has the deep smooth sound that I was looking for. Installation not a problem, fits as described.  FANTASTIC. Thanks."
-- Bud - Johnstown, PA.
"Just want to let you know I received my Hard Kore baffles today and I really love the sound.  They were a snap to install even though I had to remove the stock baffle and grind it until it was square.  I would recommend checking the squareness on the end of the HardKrome baffles first and if they are off a bit,  just use your grinder to touch them up.
You have a very nice product and your customer service is A-1.  Thanks."
-- Floyd - Anderson, IN.  
"Just received your baffles today and 15 minutes
later my bike finally sounds the way I want it to
sound. My VTX 1300 with Big 3" Hard Chrome pipes sounds so good and deep and no more crackling.  Thanks for a quality product and fast shipping."
-- Roy -  King George, VA.  
     Had a great time at Americade! ... got a LOT of compliments about the baffles.  I have put almost 2000 miles on them.  I will never run the bike without them again...  Bike ran perfectly, in fact, the gas mileage approached 50 MPG on one of the tours!  The bike never did that before.
     I was talking to a Lake George cop at Americade, and asked him what he thought of the sound these pipes made, with the baffles.
Lake George Police were writing hundreds of loud pipe tickets at the rally - I guess they discovered the revenue was worth the effort!
$100.00 a pop for the fine!!  Anyway, he looked at the HK pipes, listened to them, and stated he'd look twice at the bike seeing the drag pipes, but definitely wouldn't bother the rider, seeing the difference in the sound compared to other bikes.  
     Also, on tours during the week - I got MANY compliments on the sound and tone of the pipes, besides the noise reduction.  And this was from picky BMW and Gold Wing riders!!!  Amazing product!"
--Bill - Holland, NY.  
"Just to let you know that I received the baffles. The install was easier than easy and they sound great.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Thanks!"
--David - Corpus Christi, TX.   
"Received the baffles on Tuesday, 5 days to Canada, and installed them Wed.  PM.  Very pleased with affect.  My bike now has a very pleasing rumble without the loud roar.  Much more pleasant to ride.  Also, the reduction in deceleration "pft, pft, ptf" is a bonus.  Thanks for the great service!"
--Robin - Ontario, Canada.  
"The installation went easy. Looks?  Fine, I like the appearance of the end of the pipe with the baffle in place.  If a Cop were to pay close attention to a bike with these baffles in it, he would obviously notice the smaller exit hole for the sound.  Beautifully finished, the visible part of the baffle compliments the look of the HK pipe!  VERY NOTICABLE decrease in noise throughout the operating range of the bike.  Idle especially is neighbor-friendly.  60MPH crusing is less tiring on the ears, and nervous system.  The "Back off" burble is decreased.  Still got the bark when you want it, though!  This is a dynamite product!"
--Bill - Holland, NY.   

"Got a bunch of compliments about the new sound on the RoadStar with the baffles!  Like them better every day.  Got about 200 miles on them now.  I'm liking these more every day!" 
--Bill - Holland, NY.   
"Your baffles arrived today and I could not get to the garage quick enough.  They install like a charm and I absolutely love the new, deeper
rumble.  They seriously took the bark out of the HK’s.   Worth every penny.  Thanks for the outstanding service ...  I phoned my bud with a Roadstar and HK pipes and said “just order them, I guarantee you’ll love them…..and your neighbors will too”.  Again, thank you very much."
--Gerry - Edmonton, Canada.   
"The baffles are great. Easy install, excellent sound. I've always loved my Mean Streak, just not the harshness of the Hard Krome pipes.  
Now I've got the perfect bike."
--Jim - Batavia, IL.   
"Rode with the baffles and I can say that they are a significant improvement to the sound of the HD 3" straight shots.  First, the sound
became deeper and not with the common burst from a can sound that the DD's normally provide.
     I have just had the bike dyno'd and the subsequent check up resulted only a slight change in the mixture that is still within the correct range.
     I have a 1700 '05 Road Star Silverado, K&N Big Air kit, carb rejetted, and HD 3" Straight Shots."
--Jerry - Lees Summit, MO.   
"I got the baffles and have them installed ... they rock !!  Can’t wait to get it out on the road."
--Graeme - St Clairsville, OH.   
"Tried the baffles, they really work.  They are very easy to install and you don't need any  special tools.  I have the big three pipes by Hard Krome and they are loud.  The baffles made a big difference!"
--Lloyd - Anaheim, CA.  
"Got them yesterday....what a big difference!  They are easy to install and the bike runs great!  Wife loves the quiet sound and I rode it out this morning to work and did not need my ear plugs :-)  Thanks!"
--Jonathan - San Antonio, TX.   
"Thanks for saving me some cash.  Gave up hope - was about to change pipes.  I just recived the SPZHK300 baffles.  Installed in T-trex true duals on my Road King.  Installed in 15 minutes.  Sound great.  Too cold and icy to ride now, can't wait to hear them outside the garage."
-- Ron -- Raymond, New Hampshire.
Ron's bike.
"Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the baffles.  They have that sound I was looking for now.  When I first put the Cobras on the bike they were too much for me, in fact I had them up for sale.  Now I don't think I could find a better sounding exhaust without being obscene.  The neighbors I'm sure are going to thank me (and Smartpartz too).
Thanks again..."
--John -- Huntington Beach, CA.
John's bike.
"Well, well, well!!
Or should I say HOLY SH*T! These SmartPartz quiet baffles are amazing! I can't believe the difference they make.  You say that they take the edge off. Boy! do they ever. They still sound great, performance is still there, yet they dont have they heavy bark that annoys the neighbors. When I started her up after the very easy install, I was very surprised and very pleased. They really sound good. I've never been the "Loud Pipes save lives" guy. I get just as much attention with my dual horns! I know they are louder than my pipes were. Especially nice
Peter's bike.
is that now I can ride without earplugs... Besides, I bought my pipes more for the look and the performance boost. But dont get me wrong! I loved the sound of my pipes. My neighbors... well that's a different story. They are great, but I don't want to piss em off either.    Can you tell that I am pleased?! :-) "
-- Peter -- Victoria, BC, Canada.

Carlos bike.
"I really liked these baffles. Man, what a difference. After getting a little annoyed from the loud pipes from my American Classics this is a very nice change. They sound the same but a lower decibel level. Thanks a lot for a fine product and very excellent service."
-- Carlos -- 
        San Antonio, Texas.

"Hi there, I recently purchased your Hard Core quiet baffles for my 98 Fatboy with 2.25" V&H Long Shots. I have had these pipes on my ride for over 5 years. At first I thought they sounded pretty awesome - you know loud and proud. But having to wear earplugs while riding was tedious and still didn't prevent the ringing in my ears after long rides. I was so fed up with the noise. I was planning on making my own baffles when I found I installed the quiet baffles and was very impressed. The installation was simple. The pipes now sound slightly louder then stock and they don't produce the harsh noise anymore but still have a nice throaty sound. Thank you for producing a quality product!! 
-- Raphael -- Santa Cruz, Ca.
Raphael's bike.
"Guys I have to comment on your Hard Kore baffles for the HK 2.75" BIG straights pipes I have on my bike!  WOOOOOHOOOOOO I am in love with how my bike sounds now with the HardKore quiet baffles!!!! I can truly say this is the way my bike should sound all along! Piece of cake to install!!! The bike is so nice sounding now - music to my ears!! I was so impressed I called a bud of mine who had an 01 Roadstar and he wanted to hear the "NEW" sound emanating from my bikes pipes.  He was so impressed he went out and ordered a set too, from a dealer! Your product R-O-C-K-S!!! Another satisfied customer!" 
-- Denny -- Grand Rapids, MI.
Denny's bike.
"Gentlemen. I have great news. After experimenting with several exhaust systems, I had not found the right combination of looks and performance. Of the systems I have tried, the Vance & Hines ProPipe does give the best top end power. I have installed your baffle and I could not be happier. The workmanship and your engineering make for a top-notch product. The sound level is still throaty but more mellow. Good job!!!"
-- Michael -- Corona Del Mar, CA.

Michael's bike.
"I installed the Smartpartz Hard Kore Quiet Baffles according to the directions on your website (utilizing the existing baffles) and am very pleased.  The sound is nice and much quieter.  With the added backpressure, it is definately peppier, especially in the higher gears.  Thanks again."
-- Scott -- Freeland, MI.

Scott's bike.
"Just wanted to let you know that the baffles were just what I was looking 
for. They took the sharpness out of the exhaust note. Thank you for the 
great product and for the great service. It was refreshing to deal with a company and people (You) that really seem to care about their customers."
-- Chip -- Babson Park, Fl.

Chip's bike.
"Smartpartz sold me the Quiet Baffles that fit my 2.5' Hard Krome Strippers with end caps.  Now my bike sounds so much better.  My wife, neighbors and local police have thanked me.  In addition, I can hear the speakers from my faring while cruising down the road - at any speed. For all this I'd like to thank Smartpartz for their great product and outstanding customer service."
-- Mark -- Cross Junction, VA.

Mark's bike.
"Eureka! I've found it. After riding my VTX 1300S for 4 years with HK 3 in. big straights I had to do something to cut the both the high pitch cracking and the overall volume of my exhaust. Your baffles did both. They are the best thing I have done for my ears, my neighbors and my the people I share the road with.  
I cannot believe the rapid delivery. I ordered them online Friday about 5:00 pm pacific time and they were delivered to my home in Indiana on Monday morning. Holy postal service batman!  

I installed them when I got home from work and went for a quick ride. I wanted to stay on the bike all evening. The bike sounded super. The install could not be any easier.  Thanks for a great product."
 -- John -- Ft Wayne, IN.
2005 Honda HomeComing - Marysville, OH July 29th 2005
"The baffles you sent worked out perfectly.  VooDoo pipes and your baffles are a match. Cruising - it is a nice rumble, but when i let all 210 horses go it makes a scream that will curl your hair.  Great product I love them.  Thanks  a bunch."
-- Neil -- St Simons, GA.     
Neil's bike.
"I'm very happy with the new baffle for my HK Sideburner.  The sound is awesome! I appreciate you folks getting this to the market so I can be a little more street legal now. Thanks."
-- Bob -- Staatsburg, NY.

Bob's bike with Smartpartz Hard Kore Quiet Baffles.
"I installed these baffles and wow what a great difference!! Thanks for the great product!!"
-- Ray --  Tinley Park, IL.

Ray's bike.
"I received my my baffle within three days of ordering.  My mechanic installed it on my 2002 Honda Sabre 1100s VH 2-1 and I couldnt be happier with the result.  Initially neither the mechanic nor I were sure that there was any noticeable difference after firing it up.  Once I hit the highway it became very apparent.  My 150w stereo can now be heard >70mph.  I dont get ear-ringing headaches after an hour (drove two hours to Oklahoma & back from Dallas tonight).  I lost $100 at an Indian casino but I came home happier with my bike than Ive been in awhile.  ........... Two hours of driving yesterday really sold me on your baffle. Thanks !!! "
-- Jason -- Denton, TX.     
Jason's bike.
Jason's bike with SPZVHPRO-M1
"Baffles arrived well and already installed : a very good investment ! 
Fine doing business with Smartpartz !"
-- Alain --  Lokeren, Belgium.

Alain's bike.
"Thanks again for the excellent service. This baffle definitely does the job.  NO more tickets! Great rumble without the high pitched noise.   I would recommend these baffles and your customer service to anyone."
-- Jim -- Bay Area, CA.     
Jim's bike.
"Got the baffles today and installed them and locktited them. Thanks for getting them to me fast. They did quieten it down unless you get on it. So it is better than before. They were obnoxious before ... the wind was my issue. I had debaffled the originals, and liked that sound and volume, but the wind just tried to blow the bike under (not over) from the right. I was going to get killed eventually. So I got the StraightShots and that cured the wind problem but created another. Too much noise. Now these have taken care of the noise."
-- Richard --  Clinton, TN.

Richard's bike.
Richard's pipes.
"Thanks very much for the baffles.  They fit perfectly in the Double Barrel pipes.  I did exactly what you said: drilled a new hole just in the existing baffle. It was pretty quick and easy to do. The sound is great, exactly what I wanted.  The pipes have still got a lovely deep sound, just quieter.  At idle they'e a fair bit quieter; louder when you really twist the throttle, but not too loud."
-- Nigel --  West Sussex, United Kingdom.
Nigel's bike.
"Hi, I ordered these baffles for my Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 classic with Cobra Speedster Longs on Wednesday and was expecting them Saturday, but they arrived today.  Wow.  I don't have all the best tools, but got these installed in around 45 minutes.  I started it up in the garage and wasn't quite sure it was much quieter.  Well, I took it out for a ride, 
Bob's bike with quiet baffles.
Bob's bike.
and I can't tell you how great these are.  I can still hear the throatiness of the pipes, but the decibles are greatly reduced to just the sound I want.  Thank you, Thank you.  For me the sound is perfect.  I just put the Cobras on a week ago and was wondering if I should put the stock pipe back on, but now I have the perfect sound.  One happy customer."
-- Bob -- Lancaster, PA.     
"I just wanted to let you know the Baffles arrived yesterday so it was less than a week from to US to the UK which is brilliant. Anyway I must say the new sound is perfect - not too loud, not too quiet, yet nice and crisp. In fact I would say the perfect way a Harley should sound. Many thanks and best regards to you and your team."
-- Robert --  Newton, POWYS, 
Great Britain.

Robert's bike.
"Received your baffles yesterday (fast shipping) and installed them last night.  Great sound.  I’ve got Samson Caliber True Dual exhaust on my 06 Ultra.  The installation was a breeze.   Removed the original baffles (never did care for the sound) and installed your’s  …  Sound much better now, and noticed no difference in performance.   Thanks for a great product at half the cost of all the XXX brand exhaust baffles."
-- Dick -- Belleville, IL.

Dick's bike.
"Finished installing a set of your baffles today.  They are great.  Signicant noise reduction, and noticeably less "popping" on deceleration.   Thanks again for your time & assistance with fitment and installation.  The $75 I spent was well worth it, as I had limited options on exhaust replacement and would have had to spend $300.  They work beautifully.  Enclosed is a photo of the bike.  The engine is a 100CI Revtech with Python 3 pipes.  Nice bike, way too loud, but your baffles really did a nice job of making the noise level tolerable."
-- Steve -- Minneapolis MN.     
Steve's bike.
"Thank you for taking the time to get me hooked up with the correct baffle for my pipes even though they were not listed in your fit guide. I installed your baffles into a set of Mean Mother pipes from SuperTrapp.  You were right in all accounts, the installation was easy and the sound is great.  I could not believe what I was hearing (or not hearing)... Without your baffles in, the pipes were so loud that I had to take the pipes off and put the stock pipes back on... After I received your baffles and installed them I could not believe the difference...the exhaust note was deep and clean, but the sound level was perfect for me... as for performance these baffles are great too...  A big improvement over stock pipes and no noticeable change in performance from the headers...   Thank you again for all your help and great service, you made it very easy for me...and your product delivers as advertised... No Hype!"
-- Mark -- Huntington Beach, CA.
Mark's bike.
Mark's bike with baffles installed.
"For the record I have a Vulcan 900 with the the following performance enhancements: Baron's BAK, Cobra HP 2-1 pipes and a FI 2000R fuel injection processor. I drove the bike to work today, the first ride with the HK baffles installed. The ride includes a combination of street and highway riding. Before I installed the HK baffle, the Cobras sounded fine at (normal) idle and very low speed; however on acceleration and highway cruising speed, I thought the bike sounded more like a jackhammer. I was also very concerned about affending the neighbors in my early morning start-ups as I live in a townhouse complex.  
Once I installed the HK baffle, the "sharp bark" of the exhaust sound decreased and the jackhammer noise, while still present, has a lower tone and volume, making start-up and highway cruising a lot more pleasant. Don't get me wrong, the HK baffle does not make the exhaust quieter than stock and the exhaust sound still comes alive on hard acceleration, but now I can hear the engine when riding. Its hard to tell the affect (if any) on torque or HP because I did not push the bike without the HK baffle, but I noticed that some of the vibration that occurred at highway speeds seemed to be reduced ... thanks for a great product and excellent service!"
-- Scott -- Olathe, KS.
"Hi Guys ... Just wanted to say thanks for the fast service, and the Hard Kore baffles do a fantastic job.  I was sceptical, but they have made my too loud V&H cruzers just perfect. Thanks."
-- Michael -- NSW, Australia. 

"Smartpartz, your Hard Kore Baffles were my last chance to stifle the deafening sound of my Vance and Hines Big Shots.  The install went without a hitch.  The HK baffles snuggled right up behind the factory baffles.  These baffles exceeded my expectations by a wide margin, giving the bike a deep low melodious tone 
Jim's bike.
Jim's exhaust with quiet baffles installed.
while cruising and sneaking out of the neighborhood, which I can change to an authoritative, but not too obnoxious, ROAR when I twist on the throttle.  My performance is unchanged but with a sound that is music to my ears.  Thanks Smartpartz !"
-- Jim -- Annapolis, MD. 

"I got the SPZCB22520 Hard Kore Quiet Baffles that you recommended for the Bub Big Willies that I have on my 2004 V-Star 1100 Classic.  Installation was a breeze.  The bike is much, much quieter now.  Thanks for all your help.  It's rare these days to get a phone call returned or a response to an email.  You did both and your customer service is excellent!  Keep up the good work."
-- David -- Manhattan, KS.     
David's bike.
"Thanks for the quick delivery.  I have a 900 Vulcan LT.  The baffles sound great.  The Cobra pipes where too loud before - now the sound is perfect and a lot less popping."
-- Carl -- Chilliwack, BC, Canada.
Carl's bike.
"I loved my V&H when I first got them. But after a couple of years and about 40,000 KM, I was gettting very tired of the noise. So I ordered a set of your quiet baffles. WOW. Do they ever make a difference. I totally love my new QUIET ride. Just enough rumble to sound SWEET but not enough to give me a headache. I can hear my helmet speakers now without blasting my stereo to get over the noise of the wind and the Pipes.  Not since I installed my Serious Satellite Radio, have I enjoyed a product so much. And it does nothing but provide a quiet environment to listen to my radio. Exactly what my ears were begging for. Thank you very much for a simple product that works."
-- John -- Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada.     
John's bike.
John's baffles.
"Just received my baffles (for HK 3" Big Straights) and installed them in 
less then 15 min.  Very fast delivery!  Quality product!  Now for the sound ... AWESOME!  Deeper tone, tinny noise is gone and a nice rumble on the entire RPM range but still enough for other motor vehicles to know you are there. Love it!  Thank You!! "
-- Dan -- Orlando, FL.
Dan's bike.
"Received my new baffles yesterday and put them on last night. Took the bike out for a test ride this AM and was very pleased with the sound. As stock the mufflers had a loud cracking sound, now they are still loud but a deeper tone. I bought these V&H pipes and only had them on for a couple of weeks due to the sound. I thought I had wasted $400.00 until I heard about these baffles. Thanks."
-- Bill --Goodyear, AZ.     
Bill's bike.
"Installed the baffles in approx 20 minutes and went for short ride.  Just missed being caught in a rainstorm.  Long story short /  definite difference in the volume.  The rumble is deeper sounding, but quieter.  All in all, I like 'em !!!!!!!!!  Exactly what I was looking for !  Thanx for coming to the rescue.  Also a couple of friends are already asking questions about the difference.  Will send them your way. Thanx again."
-- Jim -- Gadsden, AL.
Jim's Bike.
"After purchasing & installing a set of Road Burner -Touring Pros & then starting my bike for the first time I was taken back by the decibel level at idle. I could not even talk to my wife who was standing next to the bike without raising my voice. I did not know what to do.  All I can say is wow what a difference the Smart Partz Hard Kore Baffles made to the sound of my exhaust system. It decreased the decibel to where my wife and I can have a conversation while the bike is at idle as well as on the road crusing. Thanks Smart Partz for saving me from returning my exhaust system! Todd"
-- Todd -- Appleton, WI.
Todd's bike.
"The more I ride with your baffles the better I like them.  There is still plenty of nice, mellow sound, but without the loud, metallic, staccato sounds these V&H Classic Slip-ons produced before the modification.  And there is no readily apparent reason (to me, anyway) why power and fuel mileage would be improve, but I can say to you that is in fact true.  By the way, your service was great.  Thanks for helping me with the somewhat odd-ball installation."
-- Willis -- Rollins, MT.     
Willis' bike.
"The quieting baffles I recently purchased from Smartpartz for my Cobra Slashdown pipes really did the job of noise reduction with no negative effect on my '07 Honda 750 Aero.  Matter-of-fact, torque in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears is improved.  The email and phone assistance from the company was outstanding, a sterling example to other American companies on how handle customer relations."   
-- Chris -- Las Vegas, NV.

Chris' bike.
"Thanks for the help and support in getting the correct fit on my bike.  A 1999 Honda Shadow Aero 100, the pipes had been changed some time ago to Roadhouse Doolies that did not have replaceable baffles.  Time and miles, coupled with heat had caused the mufflers sound to get louder and louder, to the point that I had contemplated trading in the bike as the cost to replace the exhaust system on a 10 year old machine was quite high.  I contacted your firm, and within days, the exhaust note was quieted down to my liking.  I have not put the bike on
Harley's bike.
a dyno, but it feels as if I have a bit more low end torque as well.  Thanks for a wonderful product."
-- Harley -- Waterford, WI.
"Hi guys, I just fitted my Hard Kore Baffles into my Vance and Hines Cruzers and I must say it does quieten it down.  Also I notice more midrange torque as well. Anyone that has a Suzuki Volusia/C50 Boulevard and are considering putting Vance and Hines Cruzers on, the Hard Kore Baffles are a must. Also delivery was very quick, one week from California USA to Melbourne,Australia is pretty good going."
-- Wes -- Victoria, Australia.     
Wes bike.
"I received the baffles in two days, and installed them the next day. What a difference! The bike has an even nicer low rumble from the exhaust note, and I can now hear myself thinking when out for a ride. The bike is not as quiet as stock, but is not annoyingly loud like it used to be with the Cycle Shack mufflers. It is just perfect. The baffles also took care of a persistent slight engine miss at slow cruising speeds that appeared after the installation of the mufflers, something that just wouldn't go away despite carburetor adjustments. These baffles are perhaps the best investment I have made for the bike in terms of satisfaction. And your customer 

Sean's pic.
service was second to none. Thank you again for all your help getting me set up with the right baffles, and thank you to everyone at your company for making a great American made product."   
-- Sean -- Oconto, WI .
Michael's bike.
Michael's pipes with quiet baffles.
"Here are several shots of my 2007 Corey Ness Victory Vegas Jackpot with the baffles installed on the Ness Slash pipes.  I inserted them attached to the original baffles and it all works great.  Thank you."
-- Michael -- Anthem AZ.
"This is the best thing since sliced bread. I’ve got a VTX 1300 2006 with Roadburners 2.5 and sometimes they just rattle the hell out of my head on a long cruise.  I put on these baffles in ten minutes and I was off, my pipes still ROAR, still GROWL ... they sound TEN TIMES more Bad Ass, but no more headache ... they sound awesome.  Thanks Smartpartz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  
-- Eric -- BentonVille, Ar. 

Eric's bike.
Video of Eric's VTX1300 with Smartpartz Quiet Baffles Installed 
"Just put your baffles on my noisy Vance and Hines 2 into Big Bore Pipes and I love it!  Sounds fantastic, no ear plugs needed.  I had my doubts when I opened the box and checked out the parts.  Easy install, and now its exactly how I wanted it to sound, healthy, not noisy.  I was ready to go back to the stock exhaust and now I can enjoy the look of custom exhaust without all the noise."
-- Dave -- Bend, Or.
(V&H Big Radius)

"Hey I just wanted to let you know that I bought your quiet baffle back in Feburary 2009 and have been riding with it since.  It's a real nice product and I'm pleased with it."
-- Paul -- Longmont, Co.
(HK 2into1 Xccelerator)

Paul's bike.
"Hi there. I got my baffles today and fitted them tonight. They took a little while to get here because of our customs but it was well worth the wait. I had been put off riding at night and early morning because I live in a culdesac which has lots of young kids, now I will be able to go out aytime without causing problems and also I won't be attracting unessessary hassle from the law.  The sound is great 
nice and quiet on start up and then loud if you want 
to get noticed. I would reccomend this to any one 
who has pipes just that bit too loud.......have fun 
and ride free.........and thanks again"
-- Paul -- Taunton, UK.
(V&H Cruiser)

Paul's bike.
Paul's pipe.
"I ordered the wrong parts the first time and customer service sent out the new parts even before I had shipped back the wrong part.  Took only about 10 minutes per side to install with no problems.  Before the Quiet Baffles I was about ready to go back to my stock pipes due to the loudness of my V&H pipes.  I had repacked the baffles but they were still too loud, getting older I guess, LOL.  Anyway after installing the Quiet Baffle I noticed the difference immediately on start up.  Now when I ride at highway speed I don't have the harshness of the bark of the pipes rattling my ears.  Great job on the design, great job on the customer service, and keep up the good work. Thanks."
-- Jim -- Cedar Hill, TX.   (2005 Kawasaki Nomad 1600)

Jim's bike.
Jim's pipes.
"I am really, really happy with your parts installed... sounds great.  I bought my Honda VTX1300 from my brother-in-law.  Great bike, but just a little too loud for me with custom pipes.  With your part installed I am very impressed that the sound doesn't all drown out, but the popping is gone and the dB range reduced to a reasonable level. Thanks very much."
-- Adam -- Denver, CO.
(Hard Krome 275 K2)

Adam's bike.
"I was skeptical about how well your baffles would work but I had to do something about the decibels of my Big Shots on my '07 Heritage. I got plenty of compliments about the way they sounded and I certainly know a lot of Harley riders (who are probably harder of hearing than I am) who love them but after a few minutes of riding I felt the "jack hammer" effect. So, after weeks of deliberation I finally had my Smartpartz baffles installed. When I pulled up in my car to pick up my bike after the install my mechanic had just started my bike and he kinda shrugged as if to say, "No difference to me" and they sounded about as loud as I'd remembered them. But, when I got on
Steve's bike.
myself and rode the 25 miles home I could Definitely hear the difference. I could actually hear the hum of the front part of the motor which I'd remember hearing on my previous bikes but hadn't heard on this one. It's still loud and has a nice rumble to it but the baffles seem to get rid of the annoying frequencies. I think I'm feeling a little more power (or is it my imagination?) from the added back pressure but all in all I now enjoy riding my bike. I think it sounds great and I would definitely recommend them to anyone with pipes that are just too darn loud!"
-- Steve -- Pasadena, CA.

recovered. No problem, one mail to customer service and they offered to ship a replacement for just the shipping cost. It happened to that I was going to be on a trip to San Jose, and they had it shipped to the hotel exactly on time. Now I do have it installed correctly :-) Enjoying still a nice rumble and performance seems to be same."
-- John -- Madrid, Spain.

John's bike.
John's pipes
"Hello, my name is Josh and i purchased a set of quiet baffles about a month ago for my Hooker Troublemakers and i'm so glad that i did, they did everything i hoped 
they would and more.
 still has the bark i 
wanted without the 
harsh bite. couldn't 
be happier."
-- Josh 
-- Haverhill, MA.

Josh's bike.
Josh's bike.
"I am very pleased with the baffles. I find the Vance and Hines longshots to be just a little too loud,
Greg's bike.
Greg's bike.
"I just wanted to tell you folks what a fantastic job your baffles have done for my pipes [ 2.5 HK American Classics]. I enjoy riding my bike now, enough sound to remind me I'm on a bike not enough to give me a headache/ringing in my ears. The pipes sound 100% better than stock and now exactly the sound I was looking for. Very easy install , once I played around with it, and could not be happier with your product. My local shop told me no baffles were available for my pipes and boy am I glad they were wrong."
-- Bill -- De Pere, WI.

Bill's bike.
"Just received my Quiet Baffles for my Harley Dyna with Screaming Eagle II pipes. First, couldn't believe how fast they showed up at my house. Second, they fit perfectly. Third, they sound great, exactly the sound I was looking for.
Thanks for a great product!"
-- Jan -- Grapevine, TX.

Jan's bike.
"I have an 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500. The previous owner put straight drag pipes on it from Cobra. I live in the Historic area of New Bern N.C., these pipes DID NOT MAKE MY NEIGHBORS HAPPY. I look at this product and the baffles by Cobra; I picked this one because of the testimonials. I am a believer now. These baffles work like a charm. You still get the wonderful low growl but now its sooo much easier on the ears. No backfires, just great sound with out issues. I installed them in less then 10 minutes. Shipping? At my door in TWO DAYS! Good product, good shipping, good job."
-- Larry -- New Bern, NC.

Larry's bike.
"First let me say that you are great company to do business with. I received my baffles in about 2 to 3 days. I had some questions on the install and I sent an E mail and I received a call from a very good customer person. This was the best money spent as your baffles eliminated that harsh bark that my 2.5 American Classics were doing at 55 to 60 miles per hour. I took a 150 mile ride the other day and that bark is gone, it is there but at a much lower decibel which did not hurt my ears. The tone is lower which sounds better, my performance did not change and at start up and traveling at low speeds the bike still sounds great, it just makes long trips very easy on my ears. Keep up the good work and thanks for a good product and a good company." 
-- Aldo -- Westfield, MA.
(Hard Krome 2.5 American Classics)

Aldo's bike.
Aldo's pipes.
Willis' bike.
"I went for a ride.  Great!  It was much quieter when I started it up.  Idles like a gentleman.  The bike still accelerates with authority and sounds strong too, but the sound is less sharp and cutting.  Does not hurt your ears and is not an embarrassment.  When you back off the throttle it does not pop--just a nice burble.  I'm very pleased. Thanks for all your help! "
-- Willis -- Rollins, MT.  
(V&H Big Radius)    
Willis' pipes with quiet baffles.
"Just a quick note to say thanks for your service and product. I fitted my baffles last weekend, a perfect fit and resulting sound. You seem to have found the perfect blend of loud but nice!! The more i ride the more i love the note, as you say pretty well lost any popping and banging in the bargain. yours chuffed!"
-- Dave -- Kent, UK.
(1600 Meanstreak, V&H Big Shots)

"I installed my Hard core baffles in my V&H Big Radius pipes today,  and was very happy with a number of things. First, the baffles reduced the loud sound of the pipes and give them a nice low rumble rather then the high pitch scream. Second, the new baffles did not reduce the torque of the pipes, but helped give a smoother overall response throughout the entire throttle range. Third, they have eliminated the backfiring, popping and spitting I used to get when I let off of the throttle.  Great results from your product, saved me from buying a new set of pipes as I really like the looks of the Big Radius."
-- Charlie -- Taylors, SC

Charlie's bike.
"Just wanted to tell you that I received and installed the baffles on my 2.5 American Classics. At last the sound matches the looks of them!!!
I was very worried about the sound they produced before I am sure the neighborhood would soon put a bounty on my head but no more and thanks to your great product! They are not annoyingly loud now and I believe the bike is a bit more responsive to throttle, too. Overall very pleased with the product & your service. Attached is a photo of my VN400 Classic. "
-- Antonis -- Thessaloniki, Greece.
Antonis's bike.
"Thanks. Tried my bike today. Great sound ! Thanks for your support."
-- Nicolas -- France.
(V&H Straight Shot Slip Ons)
your hardcore baffles bring it down to a perfect level. Also I find I have alot more power and also seems to idle a little better. Thank-you, I will not hesitate to recommend your baffles to anyone I talk to."
-- Greg -- Winnipeg, Canada.

"Dealing with Smartpartz was a pleasure. Shipping to Spain took just a week or so, I was really surprised when the package arrived so quick.  I made a mistake on the lower Hardkrome 2,75 straights  exhaust....result baffle popped out on test ride and could not be 
"Finally got around to installing the baffles in my HK 2.5 Strippers and what a nice difference. My bike is a 2002 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100. Totally what I was hoping for. Everyone still knows I’m around but it eliminated the crack or bite that was annoying the neighbours. The neighbours are now ok with the sound (In fact the guy next door really likes it now. Who knew) but I still annoy those that drive around me. This is good as “loud pipes save lives”. Great product, easy to install, fit like a glove and well worth the $$$. Customer service was super and efficient. Thanks for solid bike parts. We need lots of companies like yours. Cheers."
-- John -- Oakville, Canada.
(2002 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 with Hard Krome 2.5" Strippers)
Smartpartz Hard Kore Quiet Baffles Customer Testimonials ...
"I wanted to get the Speedster Swept for my 2009 Suzuki M90 because of the look not for the sound. When I started my bike and it was really noisy.  I was ready to put the stock exhaust back on when I found your product and ordered a set. The Smartpartz baffles arrived in about a six days and I had them installed. When I started the bike up it had a nice and quiet and a very rich but not loud tone and all of the harshness was gone. I couldn't be happier. No more buzzing and headaches. The neighbours and I are all friends once again. Thanks Smartpartz for a great product."
-- Garry -- Powell River, BC Canada.
(Cobra Speedster Swept)
"I just wanted to let you know how great this product is. Easy to install, and the sound is great. Originally I was worried it would be too quiet, but it has a nice low tone that’s just right. Thanks so much for a great product at a low price."
-- Corey -- Wahoo, NE

"They seem to work great."
-- Bob -- Soldotna, Alaska.
(V&H Slip Ons)

"That did the trick.  The rumble is still awesome, but the pounding bass has been knocked down to a very acceptable level."
-- Dick -- Omaha, NE
(V&H Monster Ovals SPZVMO)

"Baffles fit great, sounds great. I can't believe the mid range performance. Thanks again."
-- Jim -- Muskegon, MI
"Got it. Thanks.  Quiet Baffles + your Hard Kore Baffles seem like the hot ticket for us.  Awesome product; makes a huge difference with both sets of baffles, stock V&H or with Quiet Baffles.  Count us among your happy customers! Your Hard Kore Baffles + V&H Quiet Baffles with some 10 ounce Fiberglass wrapping did the trick! Even with the V&H Quiet Baffles I was afraid I would be going back to the ghastly H-D OEM pipes and selling the Big Shots as they were just too loud. However, once I discovered your baffles and mated them to the V&H Quiet Baffles I knew we'd be 
able to keep our Big Shot pipes. Again, thanks
for coming up with an effective baffle for those 
of us who aren't into the louder exhaust notes. ..... 
We put some miles on the bike after writing that 
note on Sunday morning and are even more 
convinced that we've "nailed it" in terms of 
capturing the Harley sound while still being 
able to be good neighbors. Just the right amount 
of bark when you want it, and a nice low rumble 
when you don't want any bark. Great product!!"
-- Mark -- Near Atlanta, GA
"Just put them in and went for a subtle sharp cruise I am impressed, Smooth through all gears including mid range, when you needed in the top end it opens up without any loss of HP if any has a bit more torque. Well done great product."
-- Ted -- Warrnambool, Australia
(V&H Big Radius)
"Not that you need another testimonial for your products, but...

After installing V&H Slashcut Staggerds on my Vulcan 900 Classic LT, I liked the tone at idle and slow cruising, but it was too loud for my taste at highway speeds. Now with your baffles installed I finally have the sound I was looking for in the first place. Took all of 10 minutes to get them installed. It's still louder than stock, but all the harshness has been replaced
with a pleasing rumble --exactly what I was hoping for. Seems to run a little stronger too. VH + Hard Kore is a great combination for the Vulcan 900!"
-- Dave -- Euless, TX

"I am just back from a 15 mile jaunt with the Hard Kore baffle installed. I did some city and freeway driving. The result exceeded my expectations! Now I have a nice throaty/rumbling exhaust but it is not obnoxiously loud as it was before. The popping I had when I shifted and backed off the throttle is now gone. I can hear the engine again and will now be able to once again use my MP3 player on trips. I would say that the Hard Kore baffle reduced the sound output of the Cobra 2-1 somewhere between 20 to 25 percent. The exhaust now sounds "perfect" to me....."loud and proud" but not deafening as it was before."
-- Bruce -- Lakewood, WA

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note, compliment you on your excellent service and great product.  I ordered the wrong baffles over the weekend then called to change my order on Tuesday morning so I was pleasantly surprised to received my baffles half way across the country on Thursday.  It only took 15 minutes to install them on my Suzuki C90’s Hard Chrome 3” Big Straits and they sound awesome. They almost completely eliminated the popping on deceleration and the bike has a nice muffled rumble without being obnoxiously loud."
-- Marv -- Des Moines, IA

"I just wanted to say THANKS!! to you & the Smartpartz team for providing a great product and service. I received my part last Wednesday & it welded directly to the baffle.  Sounds great and is sure to stay put on that side-burner.  You guys are the best!"
-- Peter -- Westford, MA

"I was very skepical when I saw the ad for your baffles but in desperation, decided to try them. I just could not handle the noise level of my V-Star 1100 which I recently purchased. It has the Hard Krome Classic pipes as you can see and they were loud. But I love the results. The sound now is probably 20-25% less and is a low mellow sound and no popping when decelerating.  THEY ARE GREAT!!"
-- LeRoy -- Florence, SC.
(V-Star 1100 with Hard Krome 2.5" American Classics)
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